With this Schools project we wish to develop this area in order to uncrease the illiteracy.

Educational projects (schools, literacy)

Based on the urgência of a young country in its most we decided to cooperate for the reduction of illiteracy especially among girls and women.

The project is to be a bridge between the Ministry of Education, Partner and Beneficiaries in the region. Taking various school supplies to hundreds of students, assisting local teachers and cooperating with their monthly salary.

We look forward to each criança onde um world experience promessa Jesus gives life to all em sua plenitude, where they are protected, care and opportunities to turn tudo is what God wants for their lives.

As for illiteracy rates > The illiteracy rate of people aged 15 or more is about 49% of the population, and of these 65% are rural women;

As for the inclusion policies > much of girls and women are out of school, being mostly illiterate;

As for evasion and delay > About 39% of people of school age are out of the system;

As for financing > 2.14% of GDP, only, are for education in this country;

As for the training and retention of teachers> there is a demand of five thousand teachers in the country. The minimum salary of teachers varies from 50 euros to 150 euros.

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