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Primary Schools

Hope for Fulanis / Primary Schools

Primary Schools

Guinea-Bissau is a country with a large young population and a huge lack of the education system. We decided to cooperate for the reduction of illiteracy, especially among girls and women.

The project is about being a bridge between the Ministry of Education, our partner and the population in the region. We also bring school supplies for hundreds of students, we help local teachers and we cooperate with their monthly salary.

We are eager for a world where every child experiences the promises of Jesus in its plenitude. In a place where they are protected, cared for and with the opportunities to become whatever God wants for them to be.

In Guinea-Bissau, the illiteracy rate for people over 15 years old is approximately 49%. And 65% of those are girls and women in remote rural areas.
This points out that 39% of school-age children are out of the school system.

With only 2.14% of GDP destined for education in the country, there is a demand for five thousand teachers. The salary of a teacher in Guinea-Bissau varies from 50 to 150 euros.


October 31, 2019