Join us in making a difference

Your involvement can bring light into darkness, peace to conflict & hope to the hopeless by simply gathering together and contributing to a ‘collective strategy’. It may or may not be a huge amount to you, but to countless others less fortunate, it can dramatically change their current and future existence.

Our Future

Where they are protected, cared for and given the opportunities to become all God meant them to be. Where they grow strong in communities free of need and full of promise Where peace and justice reign and all have the right to contribute. Where we can expand to other peoples and groups still unreached. Where they flourish in a world where the treasure of our hearts and the measure of our wealth is the happiness and well-being of all children. In such a world, we all taste the joy of the Kingdom of Heaven.


We accept the obligations of joint participation, shared goals and mutual accountability that true partnership requires. We affirm our interdependence and our willingness to cede autonomy to the common good. We pledge to know, understand and love each other.

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